Employee Resource Groups have come a long way – from a refuge for people who feel unaccepted in their companies to a mode of career advancement. In the last few decades, Employees Resource Groups (ERG) have become less of a clique as they began to tackle problems in their organizations.

Unfortunately, it is very easy for ERGs to be cut off from the day-to-day activity. Some groups become so self-involved that they pass up opportunities to reach from their full potential.

The Employee Resource Group Network is a resource for professionals and is dedicated to increasing the impact and effectiveness of ERGs as a tool for changing industry beliefs and practices. We plan to be an essential partner in developing, implementing and maintaining ERGs on a national scale.

By participating in the Employee Resource Group Network, ERGs will have the ability to share unique perspectives on clients, employee culture and the business community. Members can network in a way that was previously unavailable – using events organized by the Employee Resource Group Network.

Employee Resource Groups are an asset that are severely underutilized. I believe the value of ERGs should not be overlooked. I hope you partner with us today, as we strive to be of service to the business world.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder & CEO
The Employee Resource Group Network

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