About Our Program

Networking on-line should be an integral component of Employee Resource Groups (ERG's). ERG's from various global organizations are developing and implementing creative and innovative initiatives and programs to meet business needs. This site provides ERG's the ability to share their success stories as well as lessons learned with organizations throughout the world. Take advantage of this tool to share and learn from your peers. Below are some helpful suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of this site. With the right balance of electronic and human interaction, you will better serve your organization and assist others in fully utilizing ERG's capabilities to meet organizational and societal goals.

  1. Respect Your Organization's Privacy. Consider how your message will be written. Focus on communicating the "success" or "lesson(s)" learned with a well thought out privacy policy. For example, do not use any one's name, keep the message general but with enough "meat," to convey the substance of the story.
  2. Have your Communication staff approve the content of the message. Partner with Communications prior to signing up for this site and develop a plan to embark on sharing your stories on this site. Key things to consider: sensitive and or proprietary information, tone of message, cultural nuances, etc.
  3. Manage your time. It's important to capture key insights as you initiate and implement a new Diversity and Inclusion initiative/program. Keep an online journal of things you think would be appropriate to share as learning points with others online.