Team-Building Exercises

The ERG Network can instruct you on informative and interesting ways to build trust and camaraderie within your group. Our exercises eliminate traits like the lack of trust, disregard for results, fear of disagreement, avoidance of responsibility, and lack of commitment.

Climb to the Top – Three teams play at a time. Each round consists of 30 trivia questions and it takes 12 correct answers to reach the top of the corporate ladder. The questions include industry standards as well as basic history, geography, literature, movies, and sports.

Improve – This game involves creating simulated circumstances and having your team make detailed choices in order to achieve the best outcome. Your team will have to make choices as groups, in pairs, in teams, individually in your team. The idea is to be creative as possible, while exploring outcomes and concepts and learning by trial and error.

Assassin – The player that receives the paper marked “X” is the Assassin. The group sits in a circle so that each player is visible to each other. The Assassin must look around and discreetly wink or raise his eyebrow at another player. The player that receives the gesture is the victim. The victim must then yell out "I'm hit" or "I’m caught!" (With as much drama and moaning as possible!) and that player falls out of the game. The player that sees the Assassin winking at another player "catches" the Assassin, and wins the game. If the Assassin is able to successfully eliminate the players to the point that there is only one left, the Assassin wins.