Tips & Techniques

  1. Successful ERGs are dependent on a core of committed, dedicated and energetic employees who share common interests. An ERGs mission can only be accomplished by building a solid foundation that guarantees an effective outcome of its goals and objectives. Additionally, the mission should be aligned with the organization's business strategy for optimum results.
  2. Senior leadership support is critical before initiating an ERG or a new ERG initiative. This can be done by working with your organization's Diversity and Inclusion Council and/or business units.
  3. Use technology to take advantage of its many options to connect and engage all of your organization's employees (members and other allies) throughout regions, geos, and locations. An expanded network can provide your ERG with feedback and ideas for current and future ERG initiatives and efforts. It also ensures that people away from the corporate office stay informed and feel engaged in your ERG. Additionally, this tip affords you an opportunity to enhance your visibility throughout your organization.
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of membership for some ERGs. It is vital to creating an environment geared toward openness and productivity for the groups themselves as well as the organization as a whole. (Source: Diversity Best Practices)
  5. Measurement of ERGs initiatives is a key component that showing the value of your ERG to senior leadership. As more and more ERGs get financial support from leadership, ROI is an expected outcome.
  6. Change is a constant for organizations. Prepare to stay tuned to your organization's business needs in order to develop and initiate new ERG programs or efforts that help support the organization and your members.