Dennis KennedyGreetings,

It is my privilege to welcome you to join the new Employee Resource Group Network.

Over the past decade, I have seen tremendous growth in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), also often called Business Resource Groups (BRGs.) Though 90% of Fortune 500 firms had ERGs by 2000, now there has been an explosion of ERG launches in medium size and smaller companies, nonprofits and governmental bodies. In addition, large enterprises are continuing to leverage their existing ERGs in addition to launching new ones.

The mission of the Employee Resource Group Networking is to function as a resource for professionals across the nation on how to establish ERGs within their organizations, develop and educate pre-existing ERGs, and connect with similar resource groups across multiple organizations. Our vision is to create a strong network of interconnected ERGs that represent various identities and lift up the interests of all.

Benefits of joining this new network include:

  • Access to our ERG toolkit which includes over a dozen resources on starting, growing and leveraging ERGs and industry best practices
  • Access to our annual “ERG Week” events where we invite ERGs and their employers to host internal events that promote ERG growth and contribute to the community
  • Invitations to various events and learnings throughout the year
  • The ability to networking with like-minded ERG sponsors, leaders and organizations

I look forward to your joining us today by using the following link:

Dennis Kennedy
Founder & Chairman
Diversity & Leadership
[email protected]