The Employee Resource Group Network

Why Join?


01. Access to ERG Toolkit

In order to provide for continual growth, we have done the extensive research necessary to compile resources specific to ERGs. These resources encompass topics such as: branding, best practices, networking, and much.

02. Logo on website

By becoming a member, your Employee Resource Group’s logo will be featured in the members section of the ERG Network. Having your logo included on the website will make your group known, showcase your commitment to growth in your ERG, and increase the ease with which other groups will be able to find you.

03. Networking with ERGs nationwide

Though a group can find some success on its own, the greatest growth is often found in community and collaboration. Joining the Employee Resource Group Network will give you access to various other ERGs across various industries, locations, and organizations. Through this connection, you will be able to collaborate, build, and share with one another for optimal growth.

04. Brand building and awareness

A product is often only as successful as its brand. In this case, the ERG is the product, and you are marketing your views and goals to your organization and to society. In order to do this, you need to be aware of how to concisely convey your business goals, how to make a name for your organization, and much more. The ERG Network provides resources and support to shape your group into a brand.

05. Access to webinars

As part of our commitment to your group’s professional development, we will hold webinars available only to members. This sessions are a convenient way to dive deeper into the needs and practices of your ERG and foster continual growth.